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Permanent Christmas Lighting Lets Toronto Residents Celebrate All The Holidays – And Regular Days, Too!

Christmas lights are an integral and beloved part of any yuletide season, right up there with roast turkey, family gatherings, Christmas carols and gifts under the tree. Like any good thing, however, they can come with their own sets of problems and stressors. Who doesn’t love seeing a festive display of holiday spirit in the form of beautiful holiday lights as they drive or walk through a neighbourhood on a gorgeous wintry evening? On the other hand, who actually enjoys the hassle and risk of climbing up on a precarious ladder to painstakingly install Christmas light strings around the eaves and trees of those homes? How much better would it be if you could enjoy all the benefits of holiday lighting without the stress and danger of putting them up and then taking them down a few short weeks (okay, let’s be honest: months) later? Well, there’s good news! LED lighting technology has allowed for a truly magical Christmas miracle: permanent Christmas lighting! Toronto homeowners have already started making the switch from traditional strings of Christmas lights to LED Christmas light strips, and the benefits extend well beyond the festive season!


Weatherproof And Long Lasting


It’s no secret that LED light fixtures draw significantly less power than older styles of lights, but they also last many times as long, and when properly installed, they’re virtually impervious to the threats posed by rain, wind, snow and ice to more traditional lighting set-ups. This means that opting for permanent LED holiday lighting solves your installation and tear-down problems for many years to come, no matter the conditions! Part of why LED lights are so durable is closely relate to their design, which also makes them incredibly energy-efficient, so they cost just a small fraction in electrical costs as well. It’s a true win-win!


Customizable And Versatile


You may be thinking at this point "but who wants to have unsightly Christmas lights dangling around their house all year long?” That’s a great question, and the answer, of course, is nobody. Luckily, though, LED light strips are virtually invisible when they’re not turned on, so even if you only want exterior accent lighting at the holiday season, having them up all year round is a no-brainer. However, why have them off when you can just change their colours and patterns to meet any of your decorating desires? With the push of a button, you can have whatever colour you like lighting up your home, ready to match any season, or just your passing mood.


Each year, the Christmas holidays give us an excellent excuse to get creative and festive with out Christmas lights, but that creativity comes at a cost of taking the time and running the risks of putting up and taking down your treasured lighting every year as the holidays come and go. Thankfully, LED technology has made permanent Christmas lighting a Toronto homeowner’s Christmas wish come true – all the benefits of festive lighting, with none of the drawbacks!